Jan 16, 2011

raviolis and friends

today has been wonderful. I spent the afternoon working on jewelry and almost have my third ring finished! Working with silver has been really awesome. I found myself really connecting with the solder today. Then for a walk with my friend who I was so glad to connect with. We drank tea and walked her new piece of land and I listened to some of her vision for the place in the future. i love how connected she wants community to be. I love her for that. We ran into another beautiful womyn on our walk who invited me for dinner. She happens to be my neighbor and tonight was our first gathering together. I was greeted by 2 of my other friends and they were making homemade raviolis with garlic butternut squash and a creamy pesto sauce. I got to hand crank the dough through the pasta maker and oh how I want one now. We drank wine and talked story and it was beautiful. I love my community so deeply and each day I feel more and more connected to the greatness of this valley.

Jan 15, 2011


~ The future site of our home~

 The good ol' water witching skill~
January it is. WOW 2011 has begun. It's been such a ponder to me these days how fast things seem to be moving. I am transforming and changing. Shedding layers and birthing new desires. My home is my center this year. Like the heart of a walnut shell. I am ready to immerse myself in what will be what I like to call "real homesteading". I feel like I'm birthing a new strength within myself. I had this realization today at the laundry mat. I was reading Homework while my laundry spun around and around. All I could think about was designs for our new home. This moment feels precious to me.