Jun 4, 2012

Hitched by the sea

Oh what a wonderful weekend it has been. 2 beautiful souls got married out on the coast in Mendocino. Our friends Jami and Jordan. They had such a sweet wedding and celebration. The food was amazing with fresh ceviche, yummy appetizers and even a greek gyro cart. We toasted with some homemade local mead that was made from the lovely Betsy Brown from Covelo. We ate delicious cake, drank local Frey wine and danced into the night. The Jughandle Creek Farm is the perfect place for a wedding. They have beautiful radiant flowers blossoming in every corner and there was a sweet grassy knoll for all the guests to camp in. I love when family and friends get together to celebrate and enjoy the sweetness of love. We really do have some of the best people in our community back in Covelo, and it feels like a real family. It was fun watching all the little ones running around in the grass, playing make believe and the older boys fearless in the trees. So happy Jami and Jordan invited us all to celebrate with them.  The love they share has definitely rippled out like the sea sharing it's glimmering twinkle with the shore.
It surely will be a weekend to remember.

Nick and his little girl Olivia

Artemis and Judah playing in the grass

beautiful Jami and her parents

Vashti sharing beautiful warm words of love and togetherness

dodging the last bits of rice!

Lucia and me

Gus, Daniel, and Will


beets on the BBQ

Ben and Josh enjoying up a gyro

Gus LOVES greek food!
Gyro smile

Nick, Jordan and Gus

A sweet toast to love

I think the funniest picture of the night! what a close call!

Artemis showcasing his will power!  :)

Frey wine all chilled up

Jami and her two boys, Carmelo and Mingus

the aftermath of a fall. whoops!

The Jughandle farm house

Joe and Gus

sweet Selene and Vashti

Izzy and Will chatting with Jordan
this little sweetie loved her vintage apple dress from Red Moon Arrow

Jessi sitting with  Kelly, Nick and miss Olivia

little cutie pie

I love how Luke is smiling in the background

Gus enjoying the mead

Izzy and I changing out of our heels!
Jessica with her sweet husband Ben

The lovely Kristen

Tom playing jungle gym with Judah
Ruby and Dylan

The newlyweds and Mingus

Jessy Jane with Jami and Jordan
Mario dancing with the kids
on the trail to the campsite

Betsy Brown all smiles

Daniel and Lucia

Radiant Lani and Katie with her beautiful flowers in her hair

Jessi and Will

Mingus ready for some cake

these two sweeties