Sep 16, 2011

Summer's End

I really want to make it a goal of mine to try to keep up with my blog a bit more. It's hard though with so many things always going on. But honestly I shall try. With summer ending right around the corner, I wanted to do a recap of all that happened including some pictures! When I think back to it all, part of my heart feels sad for the lack of bathing suits I actually got to wear and BBQ's I had hoped to be sipping sweet lemonade at. But that's okay because in their replacement, I was busy getting my store Red Moon Arrow ready for it's grand debut and bustling around California. A trip to the Mendocino coast here and there with some kayaking in between, a week in the Yolla Bolly Wilderness with 7 amazing womyn, flower essence training in Nevada City with a dear soul sister, and even managing a trip to New York/Brooklyn last month. Went to a Sade concert in Oakland and she brought me to tears because she was so beautiful. There was a "Circus in the Woods" party up on our new land to celebrate my new 29 digits, a clothing swap in Placerville with my sister and friends, and now I feel myself winding down to set my soul into the leaves of fall. So as the evenings start to require an extra layer, I am getting ready for this next season. Autumn, my favorite time of year. And with that, the planning of my Halloween costume and the expansion of Red Moon Arrow into a bigger space! Hope you all are happy, healthy and well as we make the transition into Fall.

 Gus and I at the of the only days I got to go. I shall cherish that moment.
 An awesome secret swim spot our friend told us about...sshhh   : )
 A beach day in New York with my friend Erica
 Croissants and mochas! heaven
 strike a pose for Time Square

 Honey bees in New York, now that's a good sign!
 Central Park
 Summer breakfasts with OJ

 Kayaking with friends in mendocino
 Chocolate love
 edible flowers
 Yolla Bolly crew
 which way from here?

 My braided feather necklace
 pointing our arrow
 Making a sacred heart for our flower essence ceremony

 Bear Trap~
 8 beautiful ladies

 Holding my SADE ticket in hand
 holy crap we had such good seats
In the background:  Sade laying in the grass with wildflowers
 getting ready for the circus party to start
 Minosha tipi magic!
 my best friend in her amazing jacket!
 A HUGE rattlesnake in the road! We had to stop and let it pass by.
 Getting ready for the clothing swap to start....
 The clothing piles kept getting bigger and bigger

 A kayaking trip with some of our good friends...

Working some late nights down at the shop