Aug 3, 2012

climbing my mountain

day 2, I am back. back from the arms of the Yolla Bolly wilderness.  Back from a place where I left my fears, overcame my story and dreamed of a new beginning.  Realizing so much in this tiny moment of now. The peaceful place of love.

I packed my bag for an 8 day journey into the woods with 12 amazingly beautifully spirited goddess womyn. Little did I know we would transform with 13 moon woman, hiking trails, swimming rivers, jumping rocks, singing songs, laughing, spirit walking, embracing each other in the deepest of ways, holding out our mirrors of reflection, and sharing our smiles and tears. I embraced falling in love with myself. Loving with such deep compassion and shedding all that does not serve me.

I am ever grateful for this experience. I'll let the pictures speak the words I am speechless to write in this moment.

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.       

packing the night before

grabbing the loot

packing it up

saying goodbyes

backpack goods

a little bear bell

butterfly transformation

showing the way

completed projects

stirring the pot

mate and tea pot

spork it

salami's best friend

top of shell mountain

a goddess in the tree

5, 6, pick up stix

pink match

chocolate delight

grass heart

mountain top smiles

happy feet

wild strawberry

a bouquet of love

ladies in the night! Sweet friends!

cutie in her dress!

Beth and her cheerie star pin!

morning coffee bar

pesto spread: sundried tomato, squash, chopped garlic, cabbage

sweet friends. I LOVE THIS WOMAN!

oasis retreat


ladies on the log

good night moon