Jun 7, 2011

chasing waterfalls

So the other day my friend Sarah called me up to see if I wanted to go for a hike. I was totally into it, despite the fact that it was raining outside. I put on my layers and met up at her place. We decided to go find a waterfall that we have been hearing about from our friends. The funny part is that neither one of us had ever been there, so basically we had NO idea how to get there. Luckily her boyfriend has gone many times so he was nice and drew us a little map. Judging by his drawing and directions it seemed pretty easy. The sun started glistening and the rain cleared up. We were both looking at our attire wishing we hadn't bundled up as much but we were happy the sun was out! (finally) We started out on the hike and first had to cross over the creek. Things started out great, until we reached this really big grassy hill. We both figured it was time to cut over and that's when we started our own path. Basically we got super SUPER lost off the trail and instead of walking parallel with the creek, we ended up walking IN the creek, pretty much the entire way. It was starting to feel like we might have to turn around at some points, but we were both determined to see this waterfall so we kept going. We finally made it and the journey was totally worth the adventure. A beautiful spot nestled near a huge rock. We took some pics and ate some blueberry trail mix I brought for us. Had some girl time to talk about life and such and then headed back. We climbed up a pretty big hill and also slid down. We decided to go back the way we came because we still didn't know where the trail was. That's when I fell into the creek and my camera became emerged in the water. Sarah quickly took out the memory card for me and told me not to give up just yet. And so I didn't. Today I put it into my printer/scanner and vola! It works. The camera is dead, well at least for now, but I'm glad I can share some pics of the hike. Thank you miracle. I guess that saying is true, it's not about the destination but the journey getting there.

 Mr. Frog on the rock on the right. 
Toad was near by but he jumped off the other rock by the time I snapped this pic.
 These little buggers are actually really bad for the oak trees. They look like caterpillars but they build a crazy web around the tree branches, and eventually it can kill the tree. It seems like a reflection of the imbalances in our ecosystem.

 wildflowers galore!

 Mr. Mushroom

 This cool plant first reminded me of bamboo and then mechanical pencils for some reason
 That tiny red dot is this crazy bug. It's like neon red.

 ~The waterfall~

 Yay we did it!

 These would make the coolest earrings!
Sarah spotted this dead bird on the way back. So cool to see how life transforms.