Apr 29, 2011

luna the beep a deep

This blog is dedicated to my sweet hen Luna. She died this afternoon after a tragic attack last night. It's uncertain how she was attacked, but we think it was from our little puppy stash. The weird thing is that he's been such a sweetie with the hens these past few weeks. We have even left him home alone with them free ranging and nothing like this has ever happened. Yesterday Gus went outside and came back in to tell me Luna didn't look very good. It was almost sunset and I ran outside to see her. She was lying in the grass with her black speckled feathers around her. I looked closer and saw an awful wound to her back. We picked her up and brought her in the house. Gave her some quinoa and a fresh bowl of water. Had a nice toasty fire going to keep her warm and quiet. Gus put raw honey on her wound and hoped for the best. This morning I called a friend for advice. She told me what to do but after only 20 minutes of getting off the phone, Luna flew away. It was really beautiful though, because she hadn't made any noise since last night. But right before she left, she made a beep a deep sound. Almost like she was saying goodbye and then she was gone. I sat with her and cried. My eyes are all watery right now just writing about it. She was my most adventurous hen. Always being the last one to go in the coop at night. She was SUPER smart and when she was little she would fly up my back on to the top of my head. I loved her so. Here's some pics of her over the years along with the other beep a deeps. Anyone who has visited our little rainbow farm, knows how special each hen is. They are the friendliest little beeps around. And they give us the most golden delicious yolks. 
I love you Luna and you will always be remembered on our farm. 
Fly away now for transformation.


Chelsea said...

oh mo. I am so sorry for your loss and for the attack. death and transformation is all apart of the circle as hard as it is. loosing some of my chickens has been learning and growing experiences for me. I love my girls and I love Luna even though I never met her! She was so beautiful!

moonshinejunkyard said...

monique i am soooo sorry to read this. you are such a sweet and gentle spirit with your wonderful animals and it sounds like her passing went pretty peacefully. she knew she was so loved. seeing all your photos of you with the gals was such a treat. i know how it feels to lose a creature you are so bonded with and i am sorry for your sweet heart as you grow through this. so much love goes out to you sister, and to your feathered friends as well.

mo said...

thank you ladies for your sweet condolences... my little luna is surely in chickie heaven..