Feb 25, 2012

Saturn Return

It's been about a week now since we returned to life here in Covelo. First off, I have to say I was really missing home. This place is so magical. Full of the most amazing people. The kind of souls that have huge hearts and hold the value of community close to it. I can't express enough how loved I feel right now. To be surrounded by amazing womyn who are empowered, strong, leaders, amazingly talented, true and real. I feel so blessed and thankful for all the teachers and healers in my life right now. I know I am going thru something pretty deep, something that I can't really explain. Maybe it's just an uncertainty about my future. What it holds, where I need to be, what I need to do. I'm questioning things like I've never questioned before. Feeling unsettled in the not knowing. I know my path is on the right track. That everything is always in divine order but right now in this particular time, things are a little rough. I'm thankful to those that are close to me for helping me find my way. I appreciate everyone's understanding thru my transition.
some of the amazing womyn of covelo
my best friend and me
sweet sisters of mine

my fire dancer soul sister

 Tonight I had a sound healing session with a friend of mine,Tchiya who does amazing work. She helped tune my souls purpose to my heart and mind thru sound. I literally felt my body connecting to it all and I left feeling so much better. I know life can have these moments when you have to check in with yourself and ask some pretty tough questions. I learned today that it's okay that I don't know the answers to those questions right now. I just need to stay on my path until I do and then make my decisions from there. Being supported by beautiful wonderful womyn is the truest blessing I know. I am so grateful for the love that exists. Like my dear friends "T" and Alexis who own a massage studio next to my shop. They are the most wonderful neighbors, but most importantly amazing friends. They made me want to cry today how beautiful they are. How kind and sweet and thoughtful they are. They gifted me the cutest little dress form figures today. T makes the best german chocolate cake that is Gluten Free. Love those ladies. I know I'm probably gonna start my moon tomorrow so this is probably the perfect time to poor out all the sappy stuff. I think being on our moon cycle is the ultimate chance to get connected to ourselves, to hear our inner guidance. To open ourselves to the visions that come thru and to share them with others. Today I realized that with this great weather, I might as well put Minosha (moon lodge tipi) up. I want to call in all the goddesses and to celebrate the beauty of womanhood, soul sister connections, friendship, art in it's many forms and dance under the bright light of the moon as we share our stories and set sacred intentions. As my understandings deepen about myself, my soul and it's journey, my vision becomes more clear and out of that my path illuminates. For now, I walk in the dark but with a knowing that I am safe, protected and loved.  Astrology is such a fascinating thing to me. I love the complexity of it all. That it can't possibly be explained in just a sun sign. Because that is really just a small piece of the pie. I knew this saturn return was coming but somehow I thought it'd just skip over me or something. Um yeah, dead wrong! It's good though, my soul was needing this boost. 29 and in wonder of it all. Thank you divine light for taking me into myself just a little deeper.

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Anonymous said...

Mo, I had no idea you were going through a tough time. I realize this blog was sometime ago. If there is anything Glen and I can do let us know - hope everything is copasitic now. Love Always - Darby