Feb 19, 2011

saying goodbye with love

As the days grow closer to spring, I know it means we will be leaving our beautiful little home to start a new beginning. I thought it'd be fun to show the before and after of our remodel of our current home.  When Gus bought the land over 4 years ago it had but only a horse barn on a few acres. We decided to convert the barn into a little studio I like to call our rainbow happiness home. It's been a fun and crazy journey building, filled with lots of spackling and 90's rock music in the background as we hammered nails. Oh Gus how I love you! He truly is a great man. We have learned SO much from what we have already built and I'm so excited to build our dream home together on our new land. My heart is filled with gratitude for all that we have accomplished. 

"It takes more, more than a hammer and nails to make a house a home"

 future site of bathroom and kitchen
 Gus using his new nail gun I like to call the power hammer!
The walls are up and we have a front door!
 Danny and Gus cutting boards for the inside roofing
 Gus stopping for a photo. what a cute builder!
 our soon to be bathroom sink cabinet, found at the Rebuild Store in Ukiah.
 can you believe this is the bathroom?!! 
 the kitchen floor mosaic mandala
 laying down the layers of plywood for the flooring
 a rad indian tile I found at a thrift store
 the coolest red sink recycled from the rebuild store. Such treasure to be found there!
 Danny and Bridget helping us out.
 okitchen sink & counter top coming together from an old library cabinet from the Round Valley Library
The bathtub installed
bathtub tile complete

kitchen floor mosaic complete!
Our beautiful oak tree in the back

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