Mar 14, 2011

Love Is the Way

I just wanted to dedicate this post to all the people of Japan that are suffering from the tremendous damage of the earthquake that shook on 3-11-11. It's really hard to even watch the footage of all the damage that has and is still taking place. I just got word that now there is radiation from the areas where nuclear power plants exploded. Even hearing reports of the wind carrying the radiation that is now in our atmosphere possibly even to our coastline here in california makes my eyes water with tears. I sit and ponder the devastating destruction that our planet is going through right now. It seems like mama earth is begging us to change our ways and to live differently. SIMPLY. With love and with compassion for all of life. Watching the tsunami of Japan ripple out all the way to California is a true symbol of the true connection we all share on this planet together. We really are ALL ONE or Dr. Bronner would say~ This is a very reflective time we are in right now. We have an opportunity to shift globally into a new direction. One filled with new ways of living and being. A way that creates sustainability through the preservation of resources and the earth. It takes each one of us, including myself to make the shift. It starts within, and just as the tsunami's wave, it can ripple out 10 fold. One inspiration inspires another.

This afternoon was spent planting seeds for our new garden. It makes me feel so alive to plant and have my hands in earth. I love the connection I feel to it all. I want to give thanks and gratitude for all that is in my life right now. The many many blessings that have been bestowed upon me. I cherish the beauty of the opening of a flower and the songs that the birdies sing in the trees. I hope out of this contrast of knowing I don't want to have a planet that is in conflict with itself, that the desire for change is being birthed. That we all will, one by one, make direct change by healing ourselves so that the whole may feel the shift too.  I know I chose this time to be here and I send out love to everyone on the planet. Even the so called bad guys in corrupt politics. I send them even more LOVE...
because after all LOVE IS THE WAY.

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