Mar 18, 2011

Weaving and Jewelry Part 2

This Spring semester at Mendocino College, I have been taking the weaving class. It has been a very fun experience so far and I'm pretty excited to finish my first weaving project. I just got a package in the mail for the jaggerspun merino wool/silk blend yarn I picked out. I got 3 shades of purple and 1 shade of peach. I'm planning to reproduce a beautiful peruvian skirt I found at vintage store in Arcata. It took me over a month to get my warp set up and put it all onto the loom. WOW what a project. I am learning more and more, how much appreciation we should have when it comes to the fibers of our clothing. The process behind it all is super fascinating to me. And to think we can pick up a shirt or a dress for under $20 sometimes is crazy to me. I already have estimated that if I were to sell this skirt I'm about to make, in order to make it worth my time and repay the supplies needed, it would have to cost well over $300. Dang!! Hope you enjoy the pics of my sewing/weaving classroom and here's a sneak peak at my warp on my loom... more pics to come.
This is one of the best community colleges I've been to! The first reason, being that the school is getting it's power from Solar Panels. There are probably over 100 panels. It always makes me feel so good coming on to campus, knowing that my sewing machine is being powered by the sun. The second reason is because of the FREE parking. I always find a great spot to park too.

 Here is an up close of all my 664 threads!! This took several classes to finish. WOW!
 Here is what it looks like from the back. We realized after I put my warp on, that I accidentally over counted and ended up doubling my warp. Oh geez... luckily all was not lost and now I have a 2nd warp ready to go for the next skirt. With the help of some fellow weavers, we managed to take off the 2nd warp but it sure slowed up the process.. but that's how we learn.
 She's almost ready to go!
 This is my 3rd favorite thing about my college. Every time I walk down the hallway to my classroom, here is this beautiful dancer who greets me every morning. She reminds me to enjoy life and dance with all of life's challenges. I love the weaving program and I hope we can keep it alive amidst the avid cuts of many art classes.

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moonshinejunkyard said...

Why, you crafty little mama! i love your weaving and jewelry escapades so much, and thank you for showing the environments that you work in as's fun to see the prcess as well as the product! Monique you are TRULY inspiring!!!