Jan 23, 2012

colorado love

Location: Pueblo, Colorado
Destination: Oklahoma
Mood: Sleepy

Yesterday we left Steamboat Springs after having a great breakfast with Nicole. The night before we went with her boyfriend Taylor, and drove up to Strawberry Hot Springs to an enchanting place with multiple pools. It was surrounded by Aspens and snow. This place was very unique because although we had to pay, the vibe was very rustic and natural. We arrived around 9 pm and had to bring our headlamps for this adventure because the pools have no lights anywhere. This made it a bit tricky because of all the rock steps and different pools. There were a lot of people but you couldn't see anyone due to the steam and darkness. A lot of teens laughing about being naked. Gus and I much prefer the more silent places but did enjoy this hot spring for the amazing pools. I wanted to get pics but didn't want to set off a flash on all the nudies! : )   They have a tipi that you get to change in which I really liked. We stayed till we all had raisin hands. When we got home we all just crashed out. Gus and I wanted to stay another day but there was a storm coming thru that was expected to dump 2 feet of snow. Yikes for us with no 4WD! So we left in the afternoon, headed to Sulphur Hot Springs for another unforgettable soak. I think we are both getting super addicted to hot springs at this point. Nothing like taking a bath in mother nature's arms.
 Winona's Breakfast restaurant... they serve grits here

 Nicole's dad built this sweet little wagon for her cute doggie Shanti. 
This is one of her first lessons getting familiar with it.
 We decided to head to Boulder and made it in just enough time to get a beer and some grub at the local pub called the Mountain Sun. We played boggle while we waited for our food and enjoyed the flavors of our beers. Mine was a blackberry wheat ale and Gus had the Illusion Dweller IPA. Super tasty!!! The place was powered by the sunshine too. We walked the streets of downtown to settle out our stomachs and I found a vintage store called Goldmine. It was closed so we decided to check it out this morning. Glad I did because I scored a beautiful embroidered vest!

 Gus is finding all the words
 I love how the crosswalk hand is just an outline. Reminds me of light bright.

 We stopped here for an AMAZING cocktail of herbal infusions, gemstones and flower essences
Just to blow your mind about what one drink had:
organic plum, passionfruit, pear, angelica, rose, sage, dong quai, lotus root, lemon balm, damiana, lingzi, acacia, african blue lily, dates, cardamom, saffron, senna, chamomile, lovage root, cinnamon, red raspberry, comfrey root, catnip, coltsfoot leaf, raw sugar, bee pollen, stevia, frankincense, juniper berry, periwinkle, willow bark, lobella, clove, bergamot, wild indigo, myrtle, queen anne's lace, rice wine, cassis, passion flower, honeysuckle, cherry plum, wisteria, hollyhock, digitalis purpurpae, gem essences of black and clear volcanic glass, lapis, seraphinite, serpenitine, gold, silver, tetrite, moonstone, sunstone, moldavite, and clear quartz


Gus convinced me that we needed to take these pics. 
He sure does bring the kid out in me.

 rainbow salt and pepper shakers 

 Now this man is ready for some breakfast. He's so goofy sometimes. I love it.
 cheers to wheat grass shots


 Amazing stain glass work on the ceiling
 Stopped inside a historic hotel for a bathroom break. Found this rad original elevator from 1906.

Went to the movies tonight and saw War Horse. This movie definitely requires tissue. 

It was a bit tricky to find a place to sleep last night because there were signs everywhere off the side of the road saying NO OVERNIGHT CAMPING... So we had to drive out of town a bit and found a cozy spot to park the van for a good nights sleep. We woke up this morning and headed into town to check out an organic breakfast spot. They served fresh wheat grass shots and fresh oj but the food wasn't as great as we had hoped but we were both happy it was at least organic. It feels like as the years go by, more and more organic options are sprouting up everywhere. Puts a huge smile on my face! We are now in Pueblo, Colorado and about to rest our heads for a long drive tomorrow. Our goal is to make it to Tulsa, Oklahoma by the evening to meet up with Gus's brother and meet his new little baby girl. And so the adventure continues... 

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moonshinejunkyard said...

love the rainbow theme at that breakfast joint! i admire the quality of your road food and drinks, and your hot springs wanders just relax me even thinking about them. what a trip! colorado is sure a beautiful state. hope you guys made it through the storm nice and cozy, and can't wait to see some of oklahoma!