Jan 20, 2012

bones and beers

Today: Friday Jan. 20th
Location: Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Mood: Stoked with smiles
A breakfast kale scrambler with potatoes and pepper jack cheese from the back of the van to our plates. Thanks Gus for making this one a winner that morning.
 The last few days have been more driving and less stopping. Well, at least until we arrived here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I've been looking forward to this part of the trip because my dear friend Nicole lives here. We got to meet up briefly back in October for a fun Halloween weekend so I've been excited to come visit for a follow up visit.
 Some ice fishers out on the lake
Stopped at Gypsy Mama on the I40, how do I manage to find vintage shops even this far out in the middle of nowhere?  Great furniture in here with some sprinkled vintage clothing
 Hit up a dinosaur museum on our way out of Utah. Fun to see bones from so long ago.

 This is is a casting and dang was it huge. Hard to imagine these magnificent creatures roamed this place we call earth long ago.
 Another set of amazing moccasins. 
I've acquired all the leather to make a pair when I get back from this journey.
Amazing bead work on  a really beautiful vest
 A wooly mammoth replica outside of the museum. 
Fun Fact: The hair is actually made of hemp! 
They have to change out the hair every so often because the birds make nests out of it.
 Gus looking a little scared

 stayed in our 2nd hotel on this journey at the Elk Inn in Craig, Colorado
 This little sweet spot was complete with a train set and a mini kitchen
Perfect for our needs these days
 The streets of Steamboat Springs, Colorado
 Hitting up the happy hour for $1 tapas and some great beers at the Mahogany Ridge
 Yay! Drinking a beer with the sweet and beautiful Nicole. We go back a long time ago.

 Alpenglow and a tasty stout
 happy hour smiles
tapas. lets just say *yum*

And now to the strawberry hot springs for a night soak with friends under the stars and hopefully snowflakes


Chelsea said...

ok, little miss let's just say i'm a wee bit jealous of you! man oh man, looks AMAZING! I need to jump on the road trip wagon one of these days! have you been buying a lot of vintage??? love you, drive safe on those winter roads :)

moonshinejunkyard said...

ooooh, steamboat springs is adorable! i love that dress you are wearing at the tapas place. glad you get to settle in for a little break from driving and visit with an old friend, man road trips are THE BEST. i even adore the feeling of getting a little motel room in a podunk town for some good old-fashioned warmth and a real bed. well, keep having fun and exploring this wonderful wintry world for the rest of us to enjoy vicariously :D much love to you.