Jan 18, 2012

Pendletons and hotsprings

 So we have officially been on the road now for 8 days. We just arrived here in Salt Lake City, Utah. We spent the past few days making our way from Portland to Idaho. We left Portland just in time because a huge storm was blowing in. We passed through a town called Pendleton along our way. At first I thought to myself, hmm I wonder if the Pendleton wool sweaters are made here. Then thought nah... Well my initial instinct was right! We arrived just in time before they closed. Attached to the store front is the factory where all the beautiful blankets and wool goods are made. The tour part was closed but that was okay because we scored an awesome 100%wool blanket for $100! Super discounted due to one minor flaw. So stoked on that deal! We made our way to Boise for a tasty early dinner and then headed to the mountains to seek out a primitive hot spring. We arrived pretty late in the night only to discover that we couldn't find the place. But our timing was perfect, because we saw several cars parked off the road with 2 awesome womyn getting ready to take a hike up a mountain trail to a hot spring called the Skinny Dipper. They were more than happy to take us up the trail, but warned us it would be a 2 mile hike. Oh I forgot to mention it was about midnight!. And here we thought we were the crazy ones for trying to find hot springs this late. Well those in Idaho are just as adventure seeking as us. So we packed up our towels and some water, got REALLY bundled up, grabbed our headlamps and set out. I was mentally preparing myself for this vigorous journey when I realized we were there! Their idea of 2 miles was more like about a half mile at the most. So that was a nice surprise. We spent some time underneath the canopy of the stars with the mountains around us and the steam rising to the surface. It was magnificent! The best soak at midnight for sure! We hung out till we thought we'd just melt into the rocks and then packed up to head back to the van.
We made our way down the road a bit to a nice little deserted campground and stayed the night. Woke up and continued on the journey to the next hot springs in the Pine Creek campground. Unfortunately the water just wasn't hot enough for our fancy but was worth the hike for just the beautiful pictures alone. Frozen ice and steamy water side by side along the banks of the river. AMAZING! We were getting pretty hungry so made our way back and cooked up some gluten free pancakes with organic blueberries. Things have been so cold that our eggs were frozen! There were a few park rangers back at the gate and they led us to an awesome hot spring about 10 miles further. We arrived at a closed campground and walked in, to find 2 little pools dug out from the earth with water that was SUPER hot! Was a great way to spend the early afternoon enjoying the magic of mother earth and her greatness. We made a huge loop back to Boise which took a few hours to due to the road conditions. Crazy that we made it without 4WD! Our van has been doing well, but we sure wish we had a heater for these super chilly nights! At night the moisture on the dash totally freezes and we have to keep scraping it off and use towels to keep the moisture down. I will be so thankful for a heater in my jetta when I get back!
Arrived in Utah late last night and headed to the town of Ogden to check out some really cool hot springs at mouth of a canyon. Other then the really creepy guy that was soaking a pool up from us, this spot was awesome! We finally had to jet because the guy would not stop looking at us. No skinny dipping at this spot!  : )  Now to explore Salt Lake City and then hit the road for Colorado! Hopefully we can make it over the pass.
 Cute little free coffee spot located at the park and ride in Oregon. Two cute old men inside run this place volunteer.

 can't leave home with out the heart tea kettle!

 Pendleton! Just ahead.

Our new blanket.
 View from the dash when it starts to freeze.... dang.
 streets of Idaho

 Early dinner at Fork in Boise, ID
 Gus drinking the cream ale
 bundled up for the midnight soak to the Skinny Dipper Hot Springs west of Crouch, Idaho

 Pine Creek Campground, Idaho

 mixing up some pancakes

 hot springs in Idaho

 Chocolate break!

 Found a sign for a town called Placerville in Idaho!!!
 Wished this little second hand store had been open
 cool sign on the road
 Looks like we won't be needing ice for our cooler anytime soon

In front of the hot springs

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moonshinejunkyard said...

wow...those hot springs look like HEAVEN! i just got back from a trip to utah, we practically crossed paths, heehee. but it looks like you'll be getting all the SNOW, while we were there it was dry but the nights are sure ice cold; i can't imagine how you guys are brave enough to camp! especially with no heater in the van to relieve the cold. if you want to get that fixed in provo, let me know, i once went to a GREAT mechanic there...i might be able to dig up his name.

well glad to see that your awesome adventures are continuing! we were in moab a few days ago. it was beautiful for hiking especially if you can catch a little sun. at the used bookstore there i bought a book of hot springs around the northwest, i bet some of your idaho spots are in there! how fun. thanks for letting our spirits fly along with you.

now bundle up in that nice wool blanket!!!