Jan 15, 2012

2012 Road Trip part 1

YA!!! so Gus and I have finally hit the road. We were talking about it, and realized it's already been 2 years since our last adventure. It took us a good week in a half just to get prepared to leave for this journey.We are heading east toward Arkansas to visit Gus's family. We wanted to try to save some money and not use hotels that much so we got ourselves a nice little honda van and Gus made a comfy bed for sleeping. It's been awesome so far except for one tiny thing.... the heater doesn't work!!! So everyday we have to bundle up 5 layers deep. I wear my owl beanie cap with smart wool leggings and a down comforter wrapped around me. Hilarious we are! We decided to head north first so we could finally check out Portland, OR. We first stopped at the Eureka Natural Foods to stock up on organic groceries to get us through places that wouldn't have any organic goodies to eat. Had an amazing dinner at Dolci in Arcata. Stopped for a pee break and took pics with good ol' Paul Bunyan. Then scored an awesome experience in a Native American Museum with some amazing bead work and textiles. Heavenly!  Made our way to Portland and stopped for breakfast at Bijou Cafe. Had a yummy organic breakfast with homemade organic ketchup! Stopped at some amazing vintage shops and stayed another night for another amazing breakfast at Bumblekiss. So delicious. I loved the mini clipboard that our check came on! So creative this place is. Went to a vintage store that was set in a double decker bus. Awesome!
I knew from what others had said, that I would like Portland, but had no idea to what extent. Well, after only spending 1 1/2  days, I have concluded that Portland is THE vintage Headquarters! I found so many amazing things ( pics coming soon) for such great prices and most of the staff at each store were SUPER nice. I went to House of Vintage. Seriously I could have spent all day just there. So much treasure in every single corner. WOW!!! We woke up this morning to snow! We are off now to Boise, ID to hit up some hot springs!! 

 Rad bed Gus made for the van, complete with storage underneath!

 Owl Beanie!
 organic blueberries getting ready for some steel cut oats!

can't leave home with out nutmeg and her partner, cinnamon.

 Paul Bunyan and the ox and Gus!

 We had to do it  : )
 Amazing Native American museum with some fantastic artifacts.

 This dress was all embroidered with glass beads.

 Look at this detail.

 Back on the road.
 jelly and egg breakfast. delight.
 organic ketchup
 Gus taking a bite.

 tea time.
 mini clipboard

 YES they are Open.

 Red Fox Vintage
Double Decker vintage at Lodekka. This womyn was SOOOO nice and awesome


theequinebovine said...

I love your pictures girl! Nothing soothes the soul like a good road trip. Thankyou for sharing your pictures and experiences with me.
Oh yes, and isn't portland the shiznit! The vintage clothes, the beer, the biodegradable everything makes me circus crazy!!!! did you go to animal traffic? I think you and gus would really like that store. Full of folk , pendleton, leather and fringe :) take care sweet sister, and safe travels to you both xoxo

moonshinejunkyard said...

what a way to start out the year!!! road trips are pure magic. this reminds me of the kind that darin and i go on, sleeping in the van, stocking up on good foods when we find a healthy grocery store. i love it and i am jealous! portland is so cute. we spent some time there a few years back and some of the things i remember are: movie theaters where you can have pizza and beer while you watch, a neighborhood square dance on the corner open for anyone to join in, the freshest best little cafes, Powells Bookstore fun, and of course, the vintage clothes. if it was warmer there, i might want to spend a year or two! well i hope you are finding endless more adventures, good weather and lots of interesting little out-of-the-way spots to pique your curiosity.

by the way, i LOVE the van. it will house these memories forever. i think a van loves a good road trip too. love that bed gus built! have soooo much fun you two, and i can't wait for your next post!