Jan 8, 2012

setting intentions

So here it is, this new year. 2012! The year of the Dragon! Exciting and thrilling it is to know we can imagine ourselves wiping the slate clean, ready to bring in new things. I have already begun my list of things I want to accomplish and experience. At the heart of it all, lies the most important thing. That FUN is involved in all of it. I want to surround myself with the beauty of the mystery. The unfolding of the process, like origami, I want to be that bird with wings. That soars high above swooshing down on dreams, touching them, feeling them and embracing the everlasting joy that life is always presenting.
A window is open. I feel something bigger then me present in my life right now. Asking me to be courageous. To take risks that I never thought I would take. To rise to my potential. To experience the movement of my body and to create beautiful works of art, channeled right from the divine. To spend time with AMAZING loving gifted womyn. To laugh just a little bit more, and cry just a little less. To be with myself in the moment ALWAYS.... To melt my fears away and send them to the ocean to transform into a beautiful light. I am responsible for how I want to feel in every moment. So here it is, me taking the driver's seat. Right now. Right here. Happy 2012. May we all continue to expand and unfold. Following our own inner guidance and sharing our greatest gift of ( LOVE) with all of creation.

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moonshinejunkyard said...

i love this manifesto of beauty! i feel the same way about 2012....it is going to be an amazing, empowering, expanding year of growth, love, and FUN! happiest new year to a radiant soul. hope to see you lots this year :)