Feb 15, 2012

...Austin city limits...

I can hardly believe it's already Feb 15th! Exactly 5 weeks since we started on this adventure. Although we just left Sedona today, I wanted to back track a bit to the last blog post and get everyone up to speed to where we are now. So the last place we left off was in Arkansas. We had just left Terra Studios and then headed to see Gus's dad, Chris. It's been about 3 years since our last visit and he was really glad to see Gus. He had the day off so we spent the afternoon hanging out and talking about his A-frame house he built, listening to him play guitar, and then out to eat in Fayetteville for a nice dinner. Last time we visited he was still in the process of building his house and this time it was finished. He did a great job and it's no wonder to me that Gus has such a knack for the hammer. Chris is also an AMAZING woodworker. He can make just about anything! From a table to even a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired cheese platter. His stuff is awesome! Really great to catch up with him. Sweetest guy ever! We also stopped in to see Gus's grandma. Her name is Patty but Gus has always called her "Grandma Crawfish" because she used to live in Louisiana and would always bring crawfish when she came to visit. The nickname has always stuck. I love little stories like that. Well this Grandma was a sweetie. It turns out that she is a spinner! She loves working with alpaca and she was so sweet and gifted me some alpaca wool for me to spin. I love meeting women who have a love of the textile and fiber arts. It is becoming harder to find women doing it because of the time and dedication involved. She had the cutest spinning room with all her yarn. We also met some of his other family that stopped by for a visit. Uncle Tim, Aunt Leanne, and Cousin Spike. Great to meet them all.

Gus and his dad Chris
Just one of the many creations by Chris
This doggie wanted to smile for the camera. SO cute!
Grandma Crawfish at her spinning wheel
Grandma Crawfish was in the paper for her yarn work
my little alpaca friend

After we said our goodbyes we hit the road again and headed for Austin, Texas to meet up with Gus's Uncle Rob and Aunt Ann. They are the raddest people ever! The first night we arrived they took us to the first beer pub co-op! Super awesome. The beers we had were delicious. I could tell right away that Austin was gonna be a great time. We spent two nights with them and their sweet border collies. I've been really good about getting photos of everyone but somehow we never got around to taking one of Rob and Ann. Next time for sure! I did get a pic of one of their sweet collies though.

Here's looking at you kid
Austin city limits
Organic breakfast. yum.
I love this quote. Above the doorway into a super cool breakfast spot that Rob and Ann took us to
This is the wall inside a bathroom in Austin. I love how they took a wine bottle and stuck in the wall. Super creative.

Austin knows whats up! I love it when towns have vintage guides. YES!
This store was super fun... it's like an antique store but with all the coolest things you could ever imagine.

On our last night with them, they mentioned the Alamo which is a movie theater that you can drink beer in and have food. I have heard about these kind of movie theaters but have never been to one so that was a great treat. We saw "The Artist" which is a silent film, and I have to say, it was pretty awesome to experience it in the way we did. Sipping great beer and munchin on a yummy salad and pizza. Delish!

The next day we headed across town to reunite with my friend Autumn. We've been friends for about 5 years. We met on an organic farm in Hawaii and have been friends ever since. It was super great to catch up with her and see her super cute house. We went out to dinner and after she took us to the "High Ball" which is absolutely incredible in my opinion. It's a bowling alley but not just any bowling alley. A *vintage* bowling alley complete with all the fixings! We watched black and white clips of  synchronized swimmers on the screens above our lanes and lounged in the super stylish furniture. They even have old score boards. So awesome! We had the best time. It's always hard to say goodbye to good friends but I know I'll be paying Autumn another visit soon.
hanging with good friends always brings the best out in us ( pink dress-thrifted from Austin and 1920's silk cape- Uncommon Objects-Austin)
Autumn and me.
rainbow garnishes

On our way out of town we needed to restock up on groceries and so we headed to Whole Foods.  Apparently it was first started in Austin. As soon as we walked in, we couldn't believe the array of selection in every corner. Not to mention the many different food bars and beer stations. Crazy! They even had a section devoted to chocolate. Equipped with a chocolate fountain. yum. We couldn't resist a few truffles for the road. and next stop: Sedona, Arizona

lunch at a Mediterranean restaurant before leaving Austin, Happy Hummus
this is taking the caramel apple to another level

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moonshinejunkyard said...

i LOVE austin so much, so jealous of your five weeks!!! you guys are having the perfect blend of family time and adventures. your outfit that you picked up in austin is absolutely beautiful on you :) and i must say i love autumn's purple leggings too. that vintage bowling alley rules.

i remember going to theaters in portland that serve beer and pizza during your movie. it makes so much sense! why doesn't that happen more often?!

i have truly been loving keeping up with your trip a little bit here in the virtual world. can't wait to see sedona, another town we love. and i'm sure i'll see a special friend there too :)