Feb 9, 2012

bluebird love

 Gus took me to the cutest little place the other day on our way to his step dad's house. The place is called Terra Studios in Arkansas. This place was super magical! It's an art studio where people can come to take pottery classes and also just explore the place. They are most known for their hand made glass blue birds which are a symbol of love and happiness. Inside the Muse Gallery they have the most artistic booths in the dining area. Each table is a different theme. In the far back, you can watch an artist making the glass birds. So cool!  Outside there are really neat looking sculptures and colored tiles. There was even a labyrinth maze and a tiny door to a gnome house.

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moonshinejunkyard said...

what a rad place, and you wore the PERFECT bluebird of happiness dress! (LOVE it by the way) I want that fortune teller booth in my house forever...so rad. someday i want a garden full of rad glass sculptures and gnome homes and branchy wildness. so amazing.