Feb 4, 2012

deep in the heart of Arkansas

Alright folks we made it to Arkansas! As you can see I have really settled in quite well! This is me in a pair of carhartt coveralls about to adventure in the razor for a ride with Darby and Gus.

 We stayed in a sweet guest room that was so warm and comfy. Darby and her husband Glen were so sweet to us and really made us feel at home.

A sweet chicken cup! beep a deep.

Darby took us to the town of Eureka Springs. 
It's an old Victorian style town built in the 1800's with some really cool architecture. 
It's an artist's community with lots of shops showcasing their work. 
Unfortunately, most of them were closed for the winter.  
We did find a few that were open and a cute little coffee shop.

  You don't see water main covers like these anymore.
I found a cute Judy Garland paper doll in this shop.
 Gus and I tried on some goofy sunglasses...his are a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
 these are my beer goggles

 Krack brownie?

Darby took us to the "haunted" Crescent Hotel. It was built in 1886. There have been many reported claims of ghost encounters and has even been featured in Sci-Fi Channel's Ghost Hunters. The inside of the hotel definitely had that creepy vibe. I was secretly hoping to see a ghost of my own but if I had slept in room 218 I might have!
An old time capsule on the last floor.

Next up, mule riding! Darby's husband, Glen took us on an adventure with his mules. The mules were all really sweet and easy to ride. Well except for the part when my mule decided to roll in the sand. I had to jump off her really quickly before getting smashed. A little scary and got my heart beat up for sure. We learned a lot about these sweet creatures and we may just have to get one of our own.

Stopping for a slurp. (they totally make that kind of sound when they drink) 
We had a great time with Darby and Glen. Gus really does have the sweetest mom. Looking forward to our next visit. We love you Darby! Thank you for everything.


moonshinejunkyard said...

So cute! Gus and his mama are adorable. And going on a mule ride sounds so fun, glad your little tumble didn't turn out too bad! Darin and I were in Eureka Springs years ago. It was springtime and pretty and bustling, and we found a rad tiny hole in the wall thrift store with some good stuff. I have heard that there is lots of good crystal digging in those hills. Arkansas is such an interesting place. We spent some time in Hot Springs too. Have so much fun!!!

ruby said...

krack brownie?! makes your crack (butt) expand if you eat too many? or gets you all hyped up? ir will crack anyones reserve not to eat sweets? loved that, particularly the spelling! and the onyx ring is gorgeous! looks like a beautiful filled trip!

Darby Sue said...

Your blog is terrific Mo. Glen and I really enjoyed reading it and the photos are fantastic!