Apr 9, 2012

mexican easter rainbow

My what a wonderful Sunday this has been...
Started the weekend off in just the right fashion.
Meeting up with my dearest friend Erica for a birthday celebration for her dad, Dave. Hung out and enjoyed the great company of her family, getting to meet new faces and a cute little one named Naomi. (She was such a cutie pie!) Erica and her boyfriend were headed to Napa this morning for a wonderful brunch and mimosas. She was a sweet heart and let Gus and I stay at her super cute home while she was away. I always love staying at her place. The way she decorates is with such style and I always feel so at home in her casa. 
Erica's loving mom, Paula and me. (she's my mom too!)
Gus and John-(Erica's boyfriend)
delicious salad made by Paula
the cork tree in the backyard
the sweet Naomi age 6 and Erica.

filling up the plates and wine glasses
Mr. Birthday Man, Dave and his daughter
opening up his birthday gifts.
making his birthday wish!
good ol Lucy outside in Paula's amazing backyard garden
Gus and I woke up this morning to the wonderful sunshine and the warm air. I was thinking there might be a chance of rain but after I went outside, I knew the day was gonna be bright and sunny. 
my sunday easter outfit

a little sleepy but ready to hit the flea market

Looks like the easter bunny loves vintage treasure too, he stopped to make his runs.
Gus dropped me off at the Antique Fair down in Sacramento and met up with me in the later day. He knows how much I get into the whole experience, and some things are just better done alone. This is one of them for me. I love getting sucked into the whole world of antiques and wandering the aisles being captured by different unique things from the past. Like this wonderful little box holder with the most beautiful colors. What struck me so much was the woman and her cactus. Reminded me of my beautiful grandmother Petra who has since passed on. She had a beautiful cactus in her backyard and somehow this wooden box just brought back so many memories of her for me today.
Next up I found a rad old outdoor table that I'm planning to incorporate in my shop. I kept finding amazing textiles from mexico and other south american places. I even stumbled across a childhood book I remember reading when I was a kid. The Adventures of Ping. It's the sweetest book about a little yellow duck. I talked with the owner about it and we shared our love of the book. I always love chatting with antique owners of the collections they have. Especially a piece you are buying, because not only do you get this amazing artifact from the past, but you also get its story to go along with it. Later Gus met up with me and he found some stuff of his own. He was pretty stoked on some air tools he scored for a great deal.  All the antique dealers were being super reasonable with prices today. I could hardly believe it. Made for such an awesome day.
rad belt with embroidered native birds
colorful vintage needlepoint pillow
Amazing hand embroidered blanket
vintage little kid pancho

vintage crochet dish towels
vintage vest with embroidered flowers
vintage 1950's apron
After loading up the van, we went out to a nice lunch near the railroad tracks. Then headed up to Placerville to see my brother, Danny and my sister-in-law, Bridget. When we arrived,  Danny was down at the co-op getting some taco fixings. I was stoked to hear that was the dinner plan because I LOVE tacos! And it had already started to feel like a mexican theme was taking form when I was at the antique fair so tacos kinda tied everything together with a bow.

I dyed some eggs a few days ago and sweet Gus has been helping me collect our eggs and blow the yolks out of each of them for our annual family tradition of confetti eggs. So when I got to my brother's house, I grabbed some scissors and a magazine and went outside to finish up the project. We sat under a big oak tree and stuffed the eggs full of confetti.

free range chicken eggs from our beep a deeps

I'm such a little kid
Back at the house, a band practice was taking place. I knew it would be perfect getting everyone into it. After all, it's always fun to hunt for eggs, even when we're old. 
Ian was definitely the winner, collecting 9 of the 24!.... Fun times with good people.
This is Ian's game face!
the boys playing golf with the eggs
Gus on the run

swingin' it

 A few ingredients were missing for the dinner, so a few of us jammed down to good old Raley's. I was feeling in such a kiddish kinda mood that I opted for the kid cart. Gus pushed me around the store and I even rallied Danny on it with me. The managers walked by with smiles on their faces. I mean hey, we were just having some fun. 

We all enjoyed a yummy dinner and some super tasty sangria. Listened to beats and vocals, shared many laughs and even a little mint chip ice cream. And now to bed I go... heading back to Covelo in the morning. Hope you all enjoyed the day!

Bridget making up the taco shells
double tacos

the spread
the guests
Happy Easter Spring!

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moonshinejunkyard said...

what a rad easter! the perfect day in every way....your rainbow colors and textiles perfectly illustrate the joy coming from you guys!

i LOVE that sweet little household your bro and bridget have going over there...so much creativity and vivid life. glad you all got to be together. and next year i am totally stealing this confetti egg idea. your colored eggs were so lovely and totally matched the rainbows and mexican themes!

BEAUTIFUL DAY for a beautiful girl! much love sweetheart.