Apr 20, 2012

spring into expansion

Oh so thankful that the sun is bright and glowing. Not just because it's time to break out the spring dresses but also because that means we can get our roof on our cabin. YAY! 
Last weekend our good friend came up from the coast to help Gus do some building. 
Another friend from here in Covelo also volunteered his time to help out.
 It's awesome to feel the beauty of community come together to help each other out. 

silly boys!
beautiful little spot on the way up to our place
I had to work at my shop on Saturday, so  I joined the boys later that evening and spent Sunday afternoon helping out. Excited because they got a lot accomplished. We are getting pumped to see the progression taking place. I tried to do a little screw gun action but I realized I'm gonna need a bit more practice. Gus had me on clean up duty instead, so I kept busy organizing his tools and lumber scraps. I am thrilled to think that this year we will be up in our new place sitting in a cabin Gus built. YAY!

Oh the fun of spring. On another note, we just became parents of 2 new chickies.. I like to call them my beep a deeps. They are the sweetest and I've been spending a lot of time with them. I even made them a Beep A Deep Hotel complete with sliding curtains and a door with a button knob.
 They are quickly out growing their little house though.

Oh yes and an update on Red Moon Arrow... well the shop has been undergoing some major reconstruction...I acquired some more space for the shop and now have an entire back studio work room. It's so awesome! It came with built in shelving which has worked out perfect for keeping all my inventory and supplies organized. I've been painting some furniture for the shop and a rad spiral plant stand I scored at the Sacramento Antique Fair over Easter Sunday.

the back room
a cute little mini piano I found at an antique store. Now I just need to manifest a teacher!

Handmade silk lamps from OM GALLERY- Santa Cruz

I ordered some really cute cactus plants off etsy and then painted a bunch of pots to transplant them into. Then I found a vintage cactus book complete with illustrations. So I got out the handy dandy modge podge and went to town. Voila! 

Lots of new inventory has been coming in to the shop too! I am now carrying Nikki McClure prints, Volta Organics soaps and salves, Big Dipper Wax Works candles, chocolate, goat milk eye shadows and much much more!
I'm really enjoying spring so far and my calendar is quickly filling up with planned events for May. Including a sidewalk sale and gathering on May Day! I'm sure you've all been keeping busy and now with these sunny days ahead, it's time to get outside and enjoy the springtime sunshine.


Nichole said...

congratulations on the cabin! i grew up in the foothills of california, and my parents now live in sacramento. where is your shop? i'd like to visit!

mo marie said...

My shop is located in Covelo which is about 4 hours from Sacramento in Mendocino County. It's off Highway 162..

I grew up in the foothills too!